All the maps in the PUBG/BGMI game have their own unique Characteristics, although the Livik map is a mixture of them all, having the characteristics of all the other maps with some additional features such as beautiful blossoms, waterfalls, colorful houses, and more. Though, players don’t prefer to play in Livik. At the beginning of the update when Livik appeared for the first time on mobile, this map became famous. However, after Livik’s release, its popularity drops like a rock. In terms of popularity, Livik is the least popular map in PUBG Mobile and now BGMI. The purpose of this article is to why is Livik the least popular map in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Check out BGMI Best Sensitivity Settings For Android

Livik Map Is Too Small

Livik is the least popular map because Livik is one of the smallest PUBG Mobile maps at only 2×2 km. Because of the small size, fights are constant and gamers cannot even take a moment to breathe. Although some players might prefer this map, the majority of Pubg players consider this kind of action-packed landing too stressful.

In the usual BR map, you get peaceful moments now and then, waiting for enemies while camping or moving around looting on the map. Livik does not have anything like that. Furthermore, constant fighting is very risky, especially if you are trying to advance your ranks safely. Because of this campers and rank pushers never return to this map.

In Livik Map Not Every Player Gets Chicken Dinners

Mostly, players like longer fights with true BR experience. Livik Map is not preferred by these PUBG Mobile Game players because matches on this map continue for 15 minutes only. Similarly, new players, rank pushers, and campers/bots may not survive till the end circle as they are killed off within a few moments of landing. Therefore, no chicken dinner for them. Furthermore, every BGMI player is not a pro player or a player that only rushes on rivals. So, learn a little skill for the close-range fight and take away your chicken dinner. However again, skills are lacking in most of the game players or rank pushers. Hence, in this Livik map, the chicken dinner is only limited to pro players and regular players.  

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Why Is Livik The Least Popular Map In PUBG Mobile And BGMI?

No one wants to be traped by a third party

Livik map is so small, every time when a fight occurs, there is a big possibility that a third party would join. Assume winning an intensive firefight with only 10 HP left, just to be ended by some guy who just arrived at the area. Getting teamed up by 2 squads is also not a fun time. Furthermore, the map is really very small, so third-party fights and being caught by two rival squads are a bit common in Livik.

These types of fights may end up kicking some game players in the lobby and out of the game. Very few BGMI players like these third parties, unless players themselves are the third party. Dying to one does not feel fair at all, this is why players don’t like this map.

Snipers Are Not As Trained As Rushers

On this Livik map, you are forced to fight in a narrow/medium field, because of the small size and the huge number of players. If you are a sniper, you would get a lot of difficulties on this Livik map against game players who are used to rushing. The new players, unusual rank players, and campers/bots are usually killed off within a few seconds of landing.

Why Is Livik The Least Popular Map In PUBG Mobile And BGMI?

In Livik Map The monster truck is of no use 

None of the vehicles are helpful, including the particular Monster Truck. This Livik map is very small that none of the vehicles are helpful as game players engage themselves in battle. And when the ending circle gets smaller, the game players simply move towards the safe zone instead of fighting a car. Furthermore, as the Livik map is small, fewer cars spawn

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Why Is Livik The Least Popular Map In PUBG Mobile And BGMI?

There is a monster truck. You can locate it on this Livik map as it is only available for Livik. It is really big in size; a game player can be safe in it from enemies, but when if he keeps moving, as enemies are locating and waiting for you to stop. Furthermore, monster trucks are loved by everyone, so it’s unlikely that you will receive one. If you do, you might not have the time to explore the map. It is more beneficial to move around on foot to avoid fights.


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