war sailor season 1 total episodes list run time

“War Sailor” is a Norwegian war Season released in 2022, and this season is directed by Gunnar Vikene. The Season is based on the true stories of Norwegian sailors and their families during and after the Second World War. It features an acclaimed cast including Pål Sverre Hagen, Kristoffer Joner, and Ine Marie Wilmann.

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War Sailor Season 1 Total Episodes List and Length of Each Episode

Episode Name Episode Number Run Time
Episode 1 S1E1 60 minutes
Episode 2 S1E2 59 minutes
Episode 3 S1E3 57 minutes
TOTAL RUN TIME 176 minutes
Table showing episodes list and run time of each episode for War Sailor Season 1.
Norwegian Krigsseileren
Directed by Gunnar Vikene
Written by Gunnar Vikene
Produced by Maria Ekerhovd
  • Kristoffer Joner
  • Pål Sverre Hagen
  • Ine Marie Wilmann
Cinematography Sturla Brandth Grøvlen
Edited by
  • Peter Brandt
  • Anders Albjerg Kristiansen
  • Falkun Films, Malta
  • Mer Film
  • Rohfilm Factory and Studio Hamburg
Release dates
  • 24 August 2022 (Norwegian International Film Festival)
  • 9 September 2022 (Canada)
  • 2 October 2022 (Germany )
Running time
150 minutes
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Malta
Language Norwegian
Budget $11.1m

War Sailor Season 1 Episodes

There are a total of 3 episodes in War Sailor Season 1. The length of each episode varies from 57-60 minutes

(S1E1) The length of War Sailor Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Episode 1’ is 60 minutes.

(S1E2) The length of War Sailor Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Episode 2’ is 59 minutes.

(S1E3) The length of War Sailor Season 1 Episode 3 ‘Episode 3’ is 57 minutes.

FAQs About War Sailor Season 1

Here are some FAQs you may encounter while watching War Sailor Season 1.

How many episodes are there in War Sailor Season 1?

There are a total of 3 episodes in War Sailor Season 1.

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How long will it take to watch War Sailor Season 1?

The total run time of War Sailor Season 1 is 176 minutes. So it will take 176 minutes or 2 hours and 56 minutes to watch the entire War Sailor Season 1.

Where to watch War Sailor Season 1?

Distributed by Netflix, War Sailor Season 1 will be exclusively streamed on Netflix.