Players of Battleground mobile India (BGMI) have a fascination with killing players. Sniping perfectly requires great talents especially if you use a bolt-action firearm. A perfectly formed squad in BGMI combines an assaulter leading the game in close combat with support aide assassin/fragger and one IGL (in-game leader) squad. The two rifles: automatic and burl action do the enemy huge damage and by being aimed at the head of you can easily crush the enemy. Let’s start with the Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Become A Better Sniper In BGMI. Check out BGMI Best Sensitivity Settings For Android.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks For How To Be A Pro Sniper

Sniping in BGMI is a simple task for pro snipers. Not all players can do it. Though read this article on how to Become A Better Sniper In BGMI and some tips and tricks for a beginner sniper.

Get a scope in BGMI

Unlike other games, Snipers rifles or DMRs in PUBG and BGMI games do not come with a scope. Game Players need to scout the field to locate them. For using a rifle, it’s essential to have a 4x, 6x, or 8x scope. To get reliable headshots, the 8x scope is seemingly the ablest. Though, it’s honestly hard to come by in-game, so BGMI players should settle for the weaker alternatives. Getting your game on one of those best DMRs in BGMI or pro Snipers is still the key, of course. Having an 8x scope is key to become a pro sniper in BGMI.

Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Become A Better Sniper In BGMI

Try to find a compensator in BGMI

If you are in big trouble with hitting enemies many times, the compensator is one of the most useful attachments to have. It decreases recoil significantly and can be equipped on AWM, M24, SKS, and Kar98K. Generally, you should be able to shoot and focus your aim quicker with a compensator equipped, allowing more consistent headshots.

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Peek & fire in BGMI

Peak and fire are some of the features often overlook by snipers, as they often simply scout around with their scope. Though some circumstances require the use of this feature, and this is important to becoming a pro sniper in BGMI. The slanted scope too provides an excellent angle for headshots in-game. Generally, you should use peak & fire is really useful when attackers manage to close in on your actual location. You should be able to shoot while staying unexposed behind a wall or cliff. 

Never camping for too long in BGMI

Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Become A Better Sniper In BGMI

You mustn’t let enemies recognize your camping spot. Though, if they managed to detect your location, it might be a great plan to go somewhere else. It is really easy to get flanked staying still and noiseless. Keep your camping location secret by avoiding long peeks. Moreover, you should consider selecting a different location that overlooks the old one. That way, you can confuse your enemies who try to flank your previous spot.

Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Become A Better Sniper In BGMI

Get the high ground in BGMI

In the BGMI game, enemies could suddenly appear from any place. Consequently, looking for a high place to scout the surroundings and examine the above covers is a better idea. This is also more vital to sniper players, as they are much weaker in a narrow area. It’s important to go to the nearest building or create a camp on a high spot. because of the height advantage, you should be able to kill more enemies.


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