As you know Korean seasons are popular worldwide, If you’re looking for the best Korean dramas Stream on Netflix, Here is the complete list of the best Korean television dramas. You will be pleased to know that a number of popular Korean Seasons are set to be released this year. Check out the list of the Most Popular Anime.

NoSeasons Name Year
1Mine  (2021)
2Vincenzo  (2021)
3The Uncanny Counter  (2020–21)
4Start-Up  (2020)
5Mr. Sunshine  (2018)
6It’s Okay to Not Be Okay  (2020)
7Kingdom  (2019–present)
8Itaewon Class  (2020)
9When the Camellia Blooms  (2019)
10Extracurricular  (2020)
11Hospital Playlist  (2020–21)
12Hyena (2020)
13Vagabond  (2019)
14The Heirs  (2013)
15Crash Landing on You  (2019–20)
16Romance Is a Bonus Book  (2019)
17Royal Secret Agent  (2020–21)
18River Where the Moon Rises  (2021)
19Private Lives  (2020)
20Sell Your Haunted House  (2021)
21She Would Never Know  (2021)
22Sweet Home  (2020)
23Run  (2020)
24Run On  (2020–21)
25A Love So Beautiful  (2020–21)
26Tale of the Nine Tailed  (2020)
27Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol  (2020)
28Do You Like Brahms?  (2020)
29The School Nurse Files  (2020)
30Record of Youth  (2020)
31Red Shoes  (2021)
32Reflection of You  (2021)


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