Android is the most popular and largest smartphone OS. That means almost 85% of smartphone users use android. To download apps on Android phones they have the official Google Play Store which has 2 million android apps. But there are also several third-party app stores, you can check the list of Google Play Store alternatives here. Google Play Store alternatives here. These are well-developed app stores from the start of the Android era. In addition to them, there are so many other app markets. These APK downloading websites are not as large as those in the article but still, they get a lot of traffic and make a handsome amount of money. In this article, I’m going to talk about how to make an APK download website on WordPress a using Playposter WordPress theme and make a good passive income from this because it’s going to be automatic.

PlayPoster WordPress Theme

This theme makes it effortless to you to make an app market. There are over 3.5 million apps in Google Play Store and you can’t copy and paste them manually.


  • Support Bulk Import
  • Excellent design
  • Autopilot Feature
  • Fetch everything from the Play Store


  • The yearly License fee for support and updates
  • Poor Support (If an error comes with a theme or plugin, you’ll have to struggle with Support although you have paid for it. You have solved it yourself!!)


Explore Play Store Data

Millions of apps are in your hands, just choose what you like and immediately post.

APK Downloader

Have your own downloader website without the need to upload an APK file and save time and space. This plugin has very professional scraping. Let me explain, other themes like Appyn and playmates either store files locally or redirect visitors to Play Store, but this plugin that comes with a theme will not do this. It will not store anything on your server but still provides a direct download feature. This saves you from purchasing large storage hosting.

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Campaign System

Just provide the Package ID from the Play Poster into the campaign and the Playposter will automatically post the APK. Or use the explore feature to choose from the list.

Beautiful Template

Have a website with an attractive and beautiful appearance that attracts the attention of visitors for free. Having a professional App store layout is essential, and this theme gives the best one.

Custom Template

You can change your app article template easily and make your site unique from others.

How to make APK download app store?

For making an app store like APK pure, APK mirror, and uptodown on WordPress, you just need a single WordPress theme Play Poster.

You can also make a similar website without WordPress but I like the ease of use of WordPress and this theme makes it super easy and automatic. If you need a website without WordPress you can contact me.


  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Playposter Theme And Plugin

Only 3 requirements for starting your own passive online business.


You can buy a domain from any of the domain registrars you use. There are many domains name registrars with the big names like Namecheap, GoDaddy etc. A .com domain will cost you only $8.5 a year. I use NameCheap for domain registration. Because they have awesome customers support and also cheap as compared to Godaddy. GoDaddy has some new user perks. Later I transfer to Cloudflare because they have even less price when renewed.


For hosting you can buy shared hosting from Namecheap, Bluehost, a2hosting, hostinger etc but if you want to go for expensive hosting you can go for any VPS or cloud hosting. It’s your own choice.

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Playposter WordPress Theme

After completing the above 2 requirements you need to buy Play Poster WordPress Theme. It costs $60 license fee that needs to be renewed if you want to receive customer support and updates after one year. But you buy it for 30% off if apply the coupon code “infohut” by visiting here.

After this, you need to head to your hosting panel and search softaculous installer that will help you to install WordPress on your website. Check the guide from your hosting provider or they can install it for you.

Install Theme

After setting up WordPress you need to install the Playposter Theme you purchased. In your WordPress dashboard go in appearance and themes, add a new theme and upload theme. Select the Playposter theme zip file. It will be installed in a few moments.

Now you can see Playposter in your dashboard, you can go to explore and see the apps from Google Play Store and import them at once. You can create a campaign to schedule the posting of apps.

You can also create a campaign for tech news to be posted daily. It will automatically fetch news articles and post them daily.

Everything is super easy and automatic. You can’t post Apps manually from Play Store yourself but this theme lets you post hundreds of apps in a few seconds.

How to post the APK

1.Select APK What You Want

There are millions of apps accessible in your WordPress dashboard! You just choose the APK you want to post. You can choose in bulk.

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2. Start Publish The Content

Playposter will automatically retrieve data from trusted sources for your APK article.

3. Articles Are Available

You can immediately check the app article that you choose and you can start publishing your site.


I hope I have explained each and every step. You can monetize it with Adsense or Affiliate CPI Programs. If you still face any problem, you can comment below or contact me. If you don’t want to do it yourself, I can do that for you.

If you want this theme at half price, contact me.


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