It is difficult to survive and prosper in the desert biome. Those who spawn in a desert biome will probably want to move to a more productive and hospitable biome.  

The difficulty of Minecraft Biomes varies from one to another some are much harder than others. The Desert Biome is one of the most difficult deserts, game players usually just reset the game to get a better start or relocate to a further friendly and productive biome. Though, playing all games in an easy mode biome like Plains can get boring. If you are looking for a unique playthrough, challenge yourself by start playing in an endless desert is not a bad idea. According to this article, we are going to show you “how to survive starting out in the Desert Biome in Minecraft”. Check out the Top 4 Minecraft Mobs That Players Can Construct


A biome is a Minecraft region with different plants, geography, and some other characteristics. Biomes can have unique environments, such as deserts and forests. 

How To Survive Starting Out In The Desert Biome In Minecraft

Where to Start

As soon as you start, you should dig and gather as much sand as possible to craft into Sandstone, this is the most useful building material available in the desert at the start. Shortly, you will not be able to find enough wool to make your bed, so focus on building a secure house. For your first night, you might even need an emergency shelter, like a jump pillar. Cacti blocks are fairly helpful, as they can repel spiders and phantoms. In a Desert Biome in Minecraft, the first few midnights are really hard.

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How To Survive Starting Out In The Desert Biome In Minecraft

Setting up a base in desert biome

Getting food is not really a problem as you can hunt rabbits or eat the rotten flesh from the husk. Search for chests in any naturally generated structures on the desert, as they may contain useful items. The loot from a desert village’s blacksmith can be used to get iron for a pickaxe, which is extremely valuable. Load up on roasted rabbits, mine, and continue playing as normal. You can make sticks out of dead bushes and they are often found in forests.  

Farming probably won’t be possible for a while, unless you find some dirt from underground mining. Then start growing the carrots and potatoes that you obtained from zombies. If you used dead bushes and spiders’ string to craft a fishing rod, you would have a sustainable food source. If you have a steady food supply from farms, the hardest part should be over.

How To Survive Starting Out In The Desert Biome In Minecraft


Fighting mobs in the desert are rather challenging, and you should generally avoid combat unless really necessary. In almost every aspect, you will be weaker than a normal game weapon, armor, equipment, and your ability to heal after death. 

Lack of cover in the desert biome makes you more helpless to ranged strikes but reduces the risk for enemies like Creepers to sneak up on you. Bows are terrific weapons in terrain like this. Though, you must be cautious when facing Endermen, as they are immune to ranged attacks and the low areas give them a lot of places to teleport.

Finishing the Game

After getting sufficient food and weapons for defense, you can simply play the game like normal. If you have the opportunity of being near a desert pool, jump in and beat him from the middle. Once you have everything you want, you can continue and complete the Minecraft game.


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