Android is the largest smartphone OS right now and so are it’s users. Android apps are officially downloaded from Google Play Store but APK version is not possible to download there. So People are always searching for APK file of Android Apps because they want to bypass geographic restrictions or want to downgrade to older versions or want to have an offline installation package. In this case, APK download websites come to the benefit. So in this post, I’ll tell you different methods on How to make APK download website like APKPure.

Moreover, people are also looking for free downloading paid apps or modded APKs. APK Download websites are making really good earnings and I can provide you with proof. So it is a good niche to start your own website like this.

Playposter WordPress Theme

I have listed it as the top one because it does the job quite satisfactory. You can read a full review of this theme here.

WordPress is easy to use CMS for everyone especially beginners. It is easy to customise by addons and plugins. WordPress accounts for more than 30% of websites. So WordPress should be your choice.

Playposter WordPress theme can fetch Google play store apps and you can post a large number of apps in a few clicks. The process is autopilot after making a campaign.

One reason I consider it the best choice is that the user does not need to leave your website for downloading an app. The APK file will be uploaded to your server.

User will not be redirected to Google Play Store or APK mirror or any third party website for downloading apps.

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This theme will directly download apps in a few clicks because it’s on your server.

This feature is important especially in recent times because Google Play Store is removed from Huawei phones. So it doesn’t make sense to redirect to play store for downloading apps.

You can also post apps manually from other sources. You can post modded apps and paid apps also.

This theme is priced at $60 yearly license fee. If you use this coupon code “infohut” you will get a 30% discount.

Yearly subscription is necessary to get customer support and regular updates that’s the biggest disadvantage of this plugin compared to others. But if you get your work done automatically and you make good earnings, it is a small cost.

To work efficiently, this plugin requires a good hosting with more resources than shared hostings with limited resources. I had a talk with developer and he recommends VPS.

As a beginner you can get shared hosting but with time you have to spend more on VPS for a good user experience.

Google Play Store CMS

This is a PHP script-based CMS and doesn’t use WordPress that’s why I have placed it on the second.

It is a Laravel based script and constantly updated. It also fetches apps from play store using API or you can manually add using app ID. Installation is also quite easy.

It has a responsive design, ad placement ready and automatically imports screenshots and app description from play store. The design is identical to apkpure.

It will cost you $40 one time purchase. If you are good at working with PHP based websites you can go with it as WordPress websites are slower than a custom made website.

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You can purchase this script from here.

Appyn Theme

Appyn WordPress theme is also a nice option for making app downloading website. It costs $35 one time, you can check the demo before purchasing.

It has a responsive and good looking design. Fetch app details and link automatically alongwith App update date. Supports wpml to make your website region-specific.

You can also select the option to upload APK file to your server. You can also provide external links for downloading.

But what it lacks is most important. It only fetches one app at a time. There are millions of apps on play store so fetching one app at a time will give you goosebumps and you will require a lot of time to invest.

So Appyn theme is not a great option because it requires a lot of manual work. You should consider other options.

Playomatic – Play Store Automatic Post Generator Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin for making a nice looking APK download website on WordPress. It also costs less than two above. You can buy it for only $29 from Envato here.

It also has almost all the features of playposter theme. It is responsive, fetches app details and screenshots automatically. It runs auto campaigns, post the latest apps and featured apps, popular apps.

It also has sentence regenerator and translator functions. So it is a complete package. But what it lacks is the direct download method. It will post a link to the app that’s what I have come to know maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you can implement direct downloading by the help of the developer.

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While checking the demo I couldn’t find the app import option from Play Store. It had APK mirror only.

If direct downloading is not your priority then this is a great plugin to make an APK website.

Bonus: Blogger

You can make an APK downloading website on blogger for free with play store template.but you have to manually add each and everything from description to screenshots and download link.


From my point of view, playposter is the best theme for making an APK website. The choice is yours. The demo is available on their official websites. Check them before making a purchase. If you have any suggestions or corrections about this article please use the comment box.


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