The Doomsday Heist update added a new mission called Treasure Hunt to the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto Online. It served as a teaser for the expected release of Red Dead Redemption II.  This mission is a surprise from Rockstar Games for followers with exclusive items granted. GTA 5 Online’s Treasure Hunt game provides you with a unique chance to get yourself an amazingly rare weapon. The hunt begins with players participating in an online session and finding the clues for the photo attached to the email they receive. We will explain to you where to get this treasure and what you can expect. Check out How To Make Money Online In GTA 5 in 2021

How to unlock ‘Treasure Hunt’ in GTA 5 Online

The entire process begins when you receive an email from [email protected] that contains a monochrome picture of a specific part of GTA 5 Online. Now what you have to do is identifying clues on where the treasure is. After you open the email and view the picture, you will be able to access the side missions.  As an FYI, the picture you are receiving is one possible spot on the Treasure Hunt location map for GTA 5.

GTA 5 Treasure Hunt clue locations

  Begin the hunt by joining a GTA Online session, then waiting for an email with an image attachment. Each image contains all possible locations that contain a clue, which is a piece of paper with a note written on it.  

It is possible to find the notes pinned to rocks, under bridges, on tables, and elsewhere. It will take you a while to search the entire map, and you will have to take different modes of transportation. Though, we have decided to make everything a bit easier by noting down the place of each clue in Los Santos.

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Finding Photo Clue

The photo will be one of 20 places accumulated at random. A yellow question mark will appear on the map. In the initial search, the search radius is very wide. A clue will be a note, pinned to a rock, tree, or another object within the area pictured in the picture sent to the player. When becoming closer to the clue, the music of a metal wind chime can be heard. The player will have three more clue locations marked on their map after finding this clue.

Fastest Guide To GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt Locations And Rewards

Finding Three Clues

Following that, the player must find three clues. The three set clues can be found in any order.

  1. There was a corpse clad in only underwear, boots, and mismatched socks with a severe head injury left in a small cave near a creek in the Tongva Hills.
  2. At Sandy Shores, a bloody shovel (clearly a murder weapon) was found in a wrecked building.
  3. The empty box is the most Northerly clue. A gun case lying at the base of a tree on Joad Lane in Grapeseed. 

Finding Treasure Chest

After getting all three clues, the random location of a treasure chest will be listed on the game player’s GTA 5 map. On arrival, the game player will get two more corpses, another shovel, and a box stamped with Boles Overland Stagecoach Company. Opening the box will unveil the Double-Action Revolver.

Fastest Guide To GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt Locations And Rewards

Findging Alamo Sea Marina

On a cliff near the broken vessel in the Alamo Sea. You will be rewarded handsomely after locating the hidden treasure. The Alamo Sea Marina is among the GTA 5 treasure hunt places you should not neglect for whatever reason.

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Fastest Guide To GTA 5 Online Treasure Hunt Locations And Rewards

Finding Tataviam Mountains

Locating the GTA 5 treasure hunt places often demands traveling around various corners of the world. If you want to hunt for the treasures in Tataviam Mountains, you need to go to the shore in the southern part of Palmer-Taylor. The rocks found on the beach of the sea are where the clue to the treasure is placed.

Finding The Tongva Hills

The Tongva Hills region is within the GTA 5 treasure hunt places you should search, as you hunt for treasures required in the Grand Theft Auto/ GTA 5. Going down to that part of the city is simple and easy, and the clue to the treasure is under the bridge. You should search the place of the vineyard.

Treasure Hunt Rewards

You will be rewarded abundantly, as you follow all the clues provided in the GTA 5 treasure hunt places. The treasure hunt places provided above will give you opportunities to feel satisfaction with GTA 5 at any given time. Search through the places to get as many treasures as you want without issue.


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