BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) July Patch Notes Update, BGMI’s latest season that is season twenty will begin from 14 July and here I am going to give some updates regarding BGMI. After 14 July, you will get to recognize lots of new variations in the BGMI game. As you know that BGMI is officially launched for all Android users, now any Android user can download the BGMI game directly from the Google Play Store and now you will learn about some latest updates about Battlegrounds Mobile India.

MG3 is the latest weapon that you will be going to use in the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and this is a lightweight machine gun alike to the M249 and this gun takes the position of the M249 in the Supply Crate. The MG3 machine gun will be only possible to use in the supply crate. BGMI MG3 usually makes game players confused between 990 rpm and 660 rpm shooting modes. Let’s read what they are and which one is more useful. Then, check out how to handle them. ALSO READ: Why Is Livik The Least Popular Map In PUBG Mobile And BGMI?

What Are the Meaning of RPM and 990rpm And 660rpm?

RPM means rounds per minute. Accordingly, 990rpm indicates that the gun can release 990 gun bullets per minute. Likewise, the 660RPM firing mode means you can shoot 660 gun bullets per minute. Though, it is simply the theory because it additionally takes you a few moments to reload gun bullets after every 75 or 150 bullets.

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BGMI MG3 990 rpm Vs 660 rpm: Which Firing Mode Is Better?

BGMI MG3’s 990rpm Vs 660rpm

The firing mode of BGMI 660rpm has lower recoil due to its lower speed in releasing gun bullets. Accordingly, it’s better to use to spray bullets in long-range battles. It, of course, has lower harm than the additional firing mode. Briefly, the BGMI 660rpm mode is ideal for long-range spray and the BGMI 990rpm mode is fitter for close combat. It makes this airdrop’s exclusive weapon safe, deadly, and versatile.

BGMI MG3 990 rpm Vs 660 rpm: Which Firing Mode Is Better?

BGMI MG3 Tips And Tricks

You should learn how to use the firing modes of the BGMI MG3 after figuring out how they work so that you know how to take full advantage of this deadly weapon.  

  1. Use the BGMI 990rpm firing mode to counter a squad of opponents in a UAZ or Dacia. If you want to kill the whole squad quickly, you should spray and burst the vehicle. Later, you can get 4 simple kills without taking risks in Battle.
BGMI MG3 990 rpm Vs 660 rpm: Which Firing Mode Is Better?

2. Reload while the mag still has some bullets left to decrease the reload duration. If you reload the blank mag, it demands a large reload duration. Furthermore, fall back to the shelter when you want to reload bullets. Additionally, you can also use some artificial smoke to distract the enemies.

3. You can only use hip-firing mode in face-to-face battle or fright circumstances. ADS spray with this gun can make your object choke.


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